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How it started

Even though JANOVA is a start-up, the story actually began over 20 years ago. It was in today's Bundesliga club Post SV Mühlhausen that two of the founders, Robert Eckardt and Simon Stützer, discovered their passion for table tennis.

Date 04. Mar 2024



Founder & CEO Janova – the home of table tennis.

The first strokes

I remember it like it was yesterday. School: over. The weather: crap. Boredom: pre-programmed. However, on the bus home, I asked a school friend what was to become the most important question of all:»By the way, what are you doing this afternoon?«His response was to change my life! »I'm going to ping pong, why don't you come over?«

No sooner said than done! A few minutes later I stood before the doors of the table tennis club full of enthusiasm with my cheap racket from the hardware store, of which I still thought at the time, it would be one of the best table tennis rackets. My club: Post SV Mühlhausen.

A perfect pair

In the training group of the head coach at the time, I was lucky enough to be strongly encouraged. Five days a week I worked in the training hall. From then on, my life was centered around this tiny white ball, which was still made of celluloid and had a diameter of 38mm. At that time Robert decided to join the Post SV Mühlhausen. Numerous training camps, countless league games and many training sessions we fought for every point. Always looking for the best technique, the perfect stroke.
In many seasons, Robert and I spent time on the same teams, even though my competitive path was a little higher in the Regionalliga team at the time. In the end, we were a pretty effective duo.

I was a kind of defensive guy, Simon a left-handed player - that was an uncomfortable combination for many of our opponents. From then on we were well established as a double and even today we are probably still side by side in many battles.

Robert Eckardt

Bezirksligaspieler, Post SV Mühlhausen

Janova ... the digital home for all table tennis players

In the end, our journey continued in Jena. A university degree - Robert geo-informatics, I physics - was on the agenda. But we always remained attached to table tennis. Again and again our thoughts turned to have fun, motivation and improving. Now we have found what we were looking for. Janova is our vision. The foundation of our start-up was ready!

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